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World Hand Hygiene Day 2019

The World Health Organization (WHO) designated May 5th as World Hand Hygiene Day.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of the campaign, which encourages more […]

Amazon Removes Toxic School Supplies from Marketplace

The Attorney General of Washington State Bob Ferguson announced that Amazon has entered into a nationwide legally binding agreement to monitor and not sell kids’ […]

Ballast Weights for Racing Cars & Your Safety

In racing cars, ballast weight is used to modify performance, as well as to add to a vehicle’s total weight to reach the minimum required […]

Another Link Found Between E-Cigarettes & Heavy Metal Contamination

Researchers at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have conducted a study to examine samplings of heavy metals in various e-cigarette brands.  Cadmium, […]

Did You Know Rollie Pollies Remove Heavy Metals From Soil?

Pill bugs (AKA rollie pollies, doodle bugs, or wood shrimp) are actually crustaceans, not insects.  They have the distinguishable trait of defensively rolling up into […]

Using Honey to Test for Heavy Metal Pollution

According to research published last week in Nature Sustainability, scientists from Canada and the United States are using honey from local beekeepers to test for […]

Shooting Range Employee Diagnosed with Lead Poisoning

A local news channel in Nashville, TN is reporting on a shooting range employee who is suffering from lead poisoning.  After weeks of working at […]

Lead in Traditional Pottery

Traditional pottery and other ceramics are created using a porous form of clay.  In order to hold food or liquid the pottery must be glazed […]

Where To Recycle Your Used Batteries

Batteries contain harmful toxic materials including acid, lead, nickel, lithium, cadmium, alkaline, mercury, and nickel metal hydride.  When we throw them in the trash they […]

Heavy Metals Found in Popular Fruit Juices

Consumer Reports (CR) tested 45 popular fruit juices and found alarming levels of arsenic, cadmium, and lead in almost half of them.  This should be […]

Fish Lice As Possible Early Indicator of Polluted Fresh Water

Researchers at the University of Johannesburg are examining fish lice as a potential early warning parasite for fresh water polluted by toxic heavy metals.   The […]

Sculptor Poisoned by Toxic Mussel Shells

A sculpture of Adam by Gillian Genser A Toronto artist who created sculptures by sanding & grinding mussel shells over the past 15 years has […]