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Soap Box

On the news front, it seems as if we are being bombarded with scary information about how dangerous the world is that we live in.  Apparently toxic chemicals are out to get us and the environment we live in:  Chinese drywall in the home – chemicals killing sea life in the Gulf after the BP [...]

Introduction to Clean-All Heavy Metals®Hand & Body Soap

-What is Clean-All Heavy Metals®Hand & Body Soap? Obviously it’s soap.  But unlike your everyday shower gel or bar soap Clean-All’s effectiveness has been proven in automotive battery plants of the last 15 years – it removes toxic heavy metal residue from your skin.  And it does it with a lot of lather and without [...]

Welcome to Clean!

Welcome to Clean-All Heavy Metals® Hand & Body Soap’s first official blog post.  We have been selling our soap for fifteen years now, almost exclusively to the industrial world (battery plants, lead smelters, recycling plants, etc.), where there are government mandates in place to protect workers from toxic heavy metals, particularly lead, mercury, cadmium and [...]