Monthly Archives: January 2011

Germs? And Microbes? And Lead? Oh my!

We’re in the middle of developing an online marketing campaign for Clean-All Heavy Metals®Hand & Body Soap.  While going over some updates for our instructions we started a dialogue about hygiene.  It got us thinking, is there a right way and or a wrong way to wash your hands?  Turns out, there is.  You won’t [...]

A blood test to remember

Sometime ago, a Vietnam vet called to ask us some questions about heavy metals and our soap.  He had been subjected to Agent Orange, which resulted in a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.  In addition, he had recently undergone a quadruple bypass and was therefore being monitored carefully by his doctors.  After being told that [...]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and safe hobbying.  Our last post was very serious and we daresay, sterile so we thought we’d start this year with a more uplifting and informational post.  As mentioned previously lead poisoning is a very serious issue, so where can you get more information?
ASLET – We dedicate a fair amount of time [...]