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Are YOU Exposed to LEAD at Work?

Some workers have a higher risk of exposure to lead while at their job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that around 804,000 general industry workers and an additional 838,000 construction workers are potentially exposed to lead. These workers come in to contact with the toxic heavy metal through its production, use, [...]

Casting Fishing Tackle & Lead Safety

Many fishermen enjoy making their own tackle.  Using a personal melting pot, a fisherman can cast his/her own jigs, sinkers, and lures.  Not only is this practice a hobby, it is also a money saver in the long run.   For most of these hobbyists, the main ingredient used in the melting pot is lead.

If [...]

Stained Glass & Lead Exposure

Many of our customers are hobbyists who are inadvertently exposed to toxic heavy metals.  People who work with stained glass are one example.
Lead fumes occur during the soldering process.  The higher the temperature on the soldering iron, the more fumes are released.  Lead fumes are also present if you are painting with lead-based paints (especially [...]


Scientists in Mexico have discovered how to detect heavy metals in water by using sound waves to levitate and analyze droplets in mid air. Isolating the droplet by this method allows the water to evaporate in a controlled position, which increases the mass concentration of contaminants.  This also makes it easier to perform a [...]