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Happily Leaded After…

According to a recent lawsuit filed against Disneyland multiple attractions at the amusement park contain high levels of lead.  The Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation claims that the tests they have conducted found nearly twenty times the legal limit in some rides. One sample taken from the stained-glass Pinocchio window at the Village Haus restaurant contained [...]

Lead in the Local News

As a mother, I am always conscious of the health of my children.  Two news articles in the Miami Herald caught my attention and deserve comment.  The first concerns children’s toys. The Consumer Product Safety Commission just lowered the amount of lead that is allowed in toys and other children’s product sold in the U.S.  [...]

Why the drop in crime?

Lead is in the news on a regular basis.  After all, it is listed as the second most dangerous substance (after arsenic) on the government’s list.  And it’s been around forever.  Lead occurs naturally in small quantities in the earth’s crust, and it has been mined, smelted and used in the manufacture of products for [...]

“Paradise Remade”

A front page article in The Miami Herald entitled “Paradise Remade” caught my attention this morning.  The reporter, Frances Robles, spent time in God’s Paradise, a low-income collection of settlements in a city called Haina in the Dominican Republic, where she gathered information on the children who had been poisoned by playing in the remnants [...]


While idly watching tv on a leisurely Sunday afternoon I happened upon a PBS documentary called “Bag It”.  I’m sure you can guess what it’s about.  Plastic!  Plastic and its environmental and health effects.  It’s an interesting documentary if you’d like to gain more information on this topic.  However, I’m sure under certain circumstances this [...]

Something to think about…..

The news from Japan during the past month has been tragic:  the terrible loss of life and devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami, and then the damage to the nuclear plant and the subsequent spread of radiation.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese as they struggle to recover.
When tragedies occur, we [...]

A Sticky Situation

Zinc is not something we pay much attention to, unless you are a sun worshiper who uses a lot of zinc oxide to protect lips and nose from getting too much sun.  But it is one of the heavy metals that our soap, Clean-All Heavy Metals Hand & Body Soap, will remove from your hands [...]

To eat, or not to eat

Sharon brought up a good point in last week’s post.  She mentioned that her banker had to limit her intake of canned tuna to avoid debilitating headaches.  In fact, I’ve read so many articles on mercury poisoning recently that I’m currently off seafood.  What struck me initially while researching this topic was how grey this [...]

Soap Box

On the news front, it seems as if we are being bombarded with scary information about how dangerous the world is that we live in.  Apparently toxic chemicals are out to get us and the environment we live in:  Chinese drywall in the home – chemicals killing sea life in the Gulf after the BP [...]