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Exposure to lead dust and fumes at the firing range can present a potential health risk to shooters, firearm instructors, other range employees and their families.  There are many ways you may be exposed to lead dust while shooting:

Exploding primers containing lead styphnate & the friction from the lead slug against the gun barrel create [...]

Something to think about…..

The news from Japan during the past month has been tragic:  the terrible loss of life and devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami, and then the damage to the nuclear plant and the subsequent spread of radiation.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese as they struggle to recover.
When tragedies occur, we [...]

A blood test to remember

Sometime ago, a Vietnam vet called to ask us some questions about heavy metals and our soap.  He had been subjected to Agent Orange, which resulted in a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.  In addition, he had recently undergone a quadruple bypass and was therefore being monitored carefully by his doctors.  After being told that [...]

Health Effects of Recreational Shooting

We come to the most undesirable part of our blog today…. health risks.  There are so many different symptoms of lead poisoning  that it is actually quite difficult to diagnose.  It’s most general symptoms in adults include irritability/aggressiveness, insomnia, memory loss along with the inability to concentrate.  The last two symptoms are usually the first [...]

Your Safety Routine

While researching for these posts on shooting I checked out a number of gun club blogs on safety and not a single one mentions the danger of lead poisoning and its effects on the shooter’s health.  This is surprising, considering how much shooters are exposed to lead dust at firing ranges,particularly indoor ranges, although all [...]

Recreational and Training Shooting

Today and the next few posts we would like to focus on the shooting sports, a very popular hobby with thousands of fans.  There are many gun clubs, firing ranges, and sports shooters who enjoy their hobby on a regular basis.  And of course, when you are enjoying yourself, you don’t often think of any [...]