As many people have no doubt heard now about lead contamination in water pipes of Flint, Michigan and the aging plumbing infrastructure around this country, lead contamination is still one of those health hazards most people assume cannot happen to them. In the coming weeks we will be discussing various ways you may become exposed to lead, and potential ways to keep you and the ones you care about safe. Our mission in not to scare, but to make people aware that with a few steps you can limit your lead exposure.

Do you know:

  • That lead is in 2nd place (behind arsenic) on the U.S. government’s Most Hazardous Substance List?  (
  • That lead is one of six common air pollutants in the USA (
  • Than lead enters the body through inhalation, ingestion or through the skin.
  • Today at least 4 million households have children living in them that are being exposed to high levels of lead. (
  • That lead accumulates in the body and its effects are catastrophic and even fatal?

Although blood lead levels continue to decline in the United States, there is still too much exposure to high concentrations of lead.  Exposure can occur at work, at home through  contaminated clothing, hobbies such as target shooting, stained glass art, fishing sinkers, jewelry and pottery, etc.

LUCKILY, lead is not easily absorbed into the body and it is easy to protect yourself. Wash your hands and face before you eat, drink or smoke. Keep your contaminated clothing separate.

Use Clean-All Hand & Body Soap regularly!

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