Usually, to extract gold from ores, you must boil the ores in liquid mercury until only the gold remains.  This is a dangerous process since mercury is one of the most toxic of all heavy metals.  It’s also an environmental concern, due to the eventual disposal of the leftover mercury.  Enter a microscopic, soil-living bacterium by the name of C. metalliurans. Researchers have discovered a unique molecular process inside this bacterium, which converts copper and gold into an easily absorbable form. Once absorbed, the toxic versions of the heavy metals are changed to inert versions.  In the case of gold, the results are tiny gold nuggets!

If scientists can replicate this process, they would be able to extract nontoxic gold in an easier & safer manner.  Until then, if you are involved in the process of extracting gold, BE SAFE!  Use Clean-All Heavy Metals Hand & Body Soap!

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