Researchers have found that high levels of the heavy metal cadmium may also have higher odds of severe disease during the pandemic.  The study concluded that people with high levels of cadmium have higher death rates from respiratory viruses, such as the flu and pneumonia, suggesting they may be more vulnerable to COVID-19.

According to study senior author Howard Hu, “The associations we found need to be verified in other populations and also studied with respect to cadmium’s potential impact on COVID-19-related morbidity and mortality.”

Cadmium is commonly found in cigarettes and can also be found in contaminated vegetables.  Cadmium and its compounds are highly toxic and exposure to this metal is known to cause cancer.  According to OSHA, worker exposure to cadmium can occur in all industry sectors but mostly in manufacturing and construction. Workers may be exposed during smelting and refining of metals, and manufacturing batteries, plastics, coatings, and solar panels. The expanding Ni-Cd battery recycling industry is a concern for cadmium exposure. Electroplating, metal machining, welding and painting are operations associated with cadmium exposure. Workers involved in landfill operations, the recycling of electronic parts, or the recycling of plastics may be exposed to cadmium. Compost workers and waste collectors are also potentially exposed to dust which may contain cadmium. The incineration of municipal waste is another source of cadmium exposure.

If you are handling cadmium or other toxic heavy metals remember to BE SAFE.  Simply washing with ordinary soap & water will not significantly reduce the spread of contamination or the danger of ingestion.  Be sure to use CLEAN-ALL HEAVY METALS® HAND & BODY SOAP, formulated to bond with heavy metal residue so it simply rinses away.

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