Notre Dame Fire Leaves High Levels of Lead in Cathedral Square

Police in Paris have stated that lead levels are very high on roads and gardens in front of the 850 year old cathedral, which was damaged by fire on April 15th, 2019.  French health authorities found lead levels to be between 32 and 65 times higher than the recommended limit.  Lead levels are also high within the cathedral itself, with about 300 tons of lead from the cathedral’s roof and steeple having melted in the inferno.

“The analysis of the samples made since Notre Dame’s fire reveal that there is no risk related to lead ingestion in the air, but confirm the presence of lead dust in the immediate neighborhood of the cathedral,” the police said in a statement on Thursday, May 9th.

Environmental groups like Robin des Bois disagree, likening the site to “toxic waste” and have voiced their concerns over the lead dust and the possible contamination of the Seine.

Locals have been advised to regularly wash their hands and to use a wet mop or cloth to wipe down their apartments.

Remember, simply washing with ordinary soap & water will not significantly reduce the spread of contamination or the danger of ingestion.  So BE SAFE by using CLEAN-ALL HEAVY METALS® HAND & BODY SOAP – The latest in soap technology, formulated to bond with lead residue so it simply rinses away.  It is also an effective way to keep surfaces and laundry clean & safe.

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