Time Magazine’s ‘Kid of the Year’ Invents Mobile Lead Testing Device

The magazine has announced Colorado teenager Gitanjali Rao as the first ever ‘Kid of the Year’ for 2020.  Rao, who is 15 years old, created a device named Tehys, which uses an arduino processor and carbon nanotube sensors to detect lead in water, and then sends the report to a smart phone app.  While in seventh grade during 2017 she was named ‘Top Young Scientist’ in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge and received a $25,000 prize for the lead-detection device she invented.  Most recently, she has created a tech tool named Kindly, which uses A.I. technology to detect early signs of cyberbullying.

Time magazine lauded Rao’s ability to apply scientific ideas to real-world problems and her desire to motivate other children to take up their own causes.

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