The World Health Organization (WHO) designated May 5th as World Hand Hygiene Day.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of the campaign, which encourages more people to keep their hands clean with the intention of infection prevention and control.  Poor hand hygiene is one of the major causes of many common infections such as colds, flu, diarrhea and more serious infections like sepsis or hepatitis A.  This year’s theme is “Clean Care for All – It’s in Your Hands” which targets healthcare professionals who need to follow standard hand hygiene practices in healthcare facilities.  In honor of World Hand Hygiene Day, we would like to remind you that if your work or lifestyle has you coming in contact with toxic heavy metals, simply washing with ordinary soap & water will not significantly reduce the spread of contamination or the danger of ingestion.  So BE SAFE by using CLEAN-ALL HEAVY METALS® HAND & BODY SOAP – The latest in soap technology formulated to bond with heavy metal residue so it simply rinses away.

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