Introduction to Clean-All Heavy Metals®Hand & Body Soap

-What is Clean-All Heavy Metals®Hand & Body Soap? Obviously it’s soap.  But unlike your everyday shower gel or bar soap Clean-All’s effectiveness has been proven in automotive battery plants of the last 15 years – it removes toxic heavy metal residue from your skin.  And it does it with a lot of lather and without leaving your skin dry or itchy.

-Does Clean-All remove anything else other than lead? Yes.  Clean-All is formulated to remove heavy metals, such as Mercury (currently third on the Priority List of Hazardous Substances ), Cadmium (#7) and Cobalt (#49), as well as other, less hazardous heavy metals, such as aluminum, gallium, copper, nickel, zinc, etc.

Can Clean-All be used elsewhere? Clean-All can also be used to remove heavy metal residue in the laundry, and to clean off surfaces, such as floors, work tables, machinery and equipment.

-Why was it developed? Clean-All was initially formulated to help workers in automotive battery plants, where the exposure to lead dust is extremely high.  In order to prevent toxic contamination in the workplace, OSHA mandates rules such as washing hands before eating or smoking, showering and changing clothes before leaving the workplace.  There are even laws that require blood testing to determine lead levels, and if they are too high, the worker is placed medical leave until blood levels return to normal.

-How does Clean-All work? Clean-All’s formula produces a fast acting chemical process during which the active ingredient bonds with the heavy metal residue, so that it can be lifted off the skin (something regular soap cannot do) and washed away without causing irritation.  To be most effective, proper washing with Clean-All involves lathering and scrubbing for at least 10-15 seconds, rinsing and then repeating.

-What’s in it for me? Your safety should be in your own hands! Since exposure to heavy metal residue can happen anywhere, in the home, pursuing a hobby or in the workplace, we are committed to providing you with information in our blog that will help keep you safe wherever you are.

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