FDA Issues Official Response to Congressional Report Findings of Toxic Elements in Baby Food

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has responded to questions about toxic heavy metals being found in popular baby food products, as proclaimed in a recent Congressional report.

“The FDA takes exposure to toxic elements in the food supply extremely seriously, especially when it comes to protecting the health and safety of the youngest and most vulnerable in the population. Toxic elements, such as arsenic and lead, are present in the environment and may enter the food supply through soil, water or air. Because these elements occur in the environment, currently they cannot be completely avoided in the fruits, vegetables, or grains that are the basis for baby foods, juices, and infant cereals made by companies or by consumers who make their own foods. They also cannot be completely avoided by using organic farming practices. Our goal is to reduce exposure to toxic elements in foods to the greatest extent feasible and to further advance progress in this area through more research and enhanced collaboration among stakeholders.”

The statement goes into further detail by emphasizing:

  • FDA regulations and monitoring help to ensure the safety of baby foods sold or manufactured in the United States.
  • When toxic elements in food present a potential health concern, the FDA takes steps to reduce levels, such as using science to set action levels, making data public, and working with industry on identifying effective mitigation strategies.
  • FDA provides consumers with actionable advice to limit exposure to toxic elements from food.


The FDA full statement is available HERE.

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