How to Properly Dispose of Fireworks Waste

Keep Omaha Beautiful, one of the oldest environmental nonprofits of Nebraska has published a step-by-step visual guide on how to safely dispose of fireworks waste.  Fireworks contain an assortment of toxic pollutants, including heavy metals, sulfur-coal compounds, and other poisonous materials.  The following steps are recommended to safely and properly dispose of fireworks waste, which helps prevent litter and water pollution.

  • Wait a minimum of 20 minutes after completing your fireworks display before collecting the waste to ensure that there are no burning materials present.
  • Submerge all spent fireworks in a bucket or large tub of water for at least 15 minutes or until they are completely saturated.
  • Seal the saturated fireworks as well as any remaining dust or debris in plastic wrap or a plastic bag.
  • Place the plastic bag into a trash receptacle.
  • The water used to soak the fireworks should then be disposed of indoors down a toilet. Do NOT pour the water into a yard or down storm drains.
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