A Reminder of Lead Exposure at Firing Ranges and your Safety

During the current COVID-19 crisis, we are constantly reminded to wear our mask and wash our hands.  If you are a gun hobbyist, this should also be practiced when visiting the shooting range.

Exposure to lead dust and fumes at the firing range can present a potential health risk to shooters, firearm instructors, other range employees and their families.  There are many ways you may be exposed to lead dust while shooting:

  • Exploding primers containing lead styphnate & the friction from the lead slug against the gun barrel create airborne lead.
  • Spent bullets and settled dust can contaminate both indoor & outdoor ranges.
  • Slugs hitting the bullet trap, walls, floors or ceiling of the range create lead dust.
  • The process of removing spent bullets or the face of earthen bullet trap backstops can generate large quantities of lead dust.
  • Airborne lead dust can concentrate in outdoor ranges, depending on weather conditions.
  • Lead dust can collect on clothes during the day.  When those clothes are worn home, the lead can contaminate shooters’ cars and homes.

What you can do to protect yourself:

  • Make sure the range is correctly ventilated.
  • Consider wearing a tactical respirator.  They have replaceable filters that trap lead particles before they reach your lungs and bloodstream.
  • Keep the bullet loading area clean.
  • At the range, wash hands & face before eating, drinking, or smoking.
  • Wash hands & face before leaving the range
  • Wash range clothes separately from the rest of the family’s clothes.

Simply washing with ordinary soap & water will not significantly reduce the spread of contamination or the danger of ingestion.  So BE SAFE by using CLEAN-ALL HEAVY METALS HAND & BODY SOAP!  The latest in soap technology, formulated to bond with lead residue so it simply rinses away.  It is also an effective way to keep surfaces and laundry clean & safe.

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